Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trader Joe's You Make Dinner so Easy!

Since we made a trip to TJ's on Sunday I decided to take advantage of some of their tasty dinner options this week.  (Can I just mention how much it irritates me that we don't have one here in Lodi!)  Anyhoo, last night we had Mediterranean Stuffed chicken breasts.  You can get them prestuffed in the meat department at TJ's & they are GREAT!  So east to make too.  If you struggle in the kitchen & want to look like a genius you should give them a try.  About 40 min in the oven, and thats it!  I just served with a Mediterranean Spinich salad.  But you could add what ever you want.  A side of cous cous and some grilled veggies would be great! Enjoy!

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