Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Berry Patriotic Dessert!

So I've been on strike this week.  Well not really, but I have been completely busy & have not made dinner once.  Um, I don't think the 9 pm garlic provolone grilled cheese sandwiches that were burned on one side(yeah, kinda got distracted on the phone) count as an actual dinner or blog worthy, and they weren't healthy at all... but they were pretty tasty if you scraped off the burned side.  But I digress.  The actual point of this blog is to give you something to get you through the week and to let you know that I have not forgotten about you, the few & faithful!

With June almost behind us and the 4th of July coming up here shortly, I thought I'd dig through my archives and bust out with this little beauty!  The recipe was given to me by the mother-in-law of my bestie (who just so happens to be this Sassy Little Chef).  Carole is one of those great cooks who when I asked her for her recipe she said, oh I don't have a recipe, I just threw it together with this this & this!  I very rarely get that lucky!  She's awesome!  She gave me the list of ingredients, I gave it a whirl, it totally worked out & everyone loved them!  Enjoy!

Berry Delicious Mascarpone Cups
Won Ton Wrappers
Melted Butter
Cinnamon-Sugar Mixture

1 Package Mascarpone Cheese
Orange Juice

Fresh Berries (I used Strawberries & Blueberries)
Optional Topping*

1. Preheat oven to 350 F
2. Brush the individual wonton wrappers with melted butter on each side, sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar mixture & place in mini muffin pan.
3.  Bake for approx 10 min or until edges are golden brown.  Set aside to cool.
4. Meanwhile, mix mascarpone with honey & OJ to desired taste.  (careful not to make it too thin) You can even add a little orange zest if desired.
5.  Once wonton shells are cooled, add a spoonful of cheese mixture.  Top with fresh berries and Topping of your choice.  *The first time I had it with whipped cream, even Cool Whip would be great.  In this photo I made it with a white chocolate drizzle for the patriotic theme (get it, the stripes.. red, white & blue?? yeah,  yeah, we get it! OK, just checking!).  You could even do a dusting of powdered sugar if you so desired.  The possibilities are almost endless...

Note:  Find wonton wrappers in the refrigerated produce section of most supermarkets.

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