Friday, April 30, 2010


Well Friday certainly snuck up on me! And it’s a good thing because it’s been quite a week. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly ready for the weekend. This weekend is bound to be full of more adventures! We're headed back to the Bay Area for another birthday celebration – don’t worry, it’s not mine. This time we’re hopping in a party bus & going to see Tainted Love and Horse Races at Golden Gate Fields in Emeryville to celebrate my bestie Rachel’s 29th! See ya later 28! If you know these folks, you know this party will be no snooze fest. It’s bound to be chock full of interesting tales, so stay tuned…

Oh Stockton…

Sunday afternoon, back in the good ole 209, we made our way out to the Asparagus Festival. Now can I just tell you how I have not gone to this festival for anything other than the “drunk fest” since I was like 6. In fact, it was at our beloved celebration of asparagus that I received a MIP (Minor in Possession) for drinking a beer and trying to pass of a fake ID to a cop. Not the smartest move of my life, but we live and learn, right? Ok, so anyway, this year we decide to be grown ups & go on a Sunday, stroll Asparagus Alley, take in a concert and use our tickets for items other than just beer. I didn’t say NO beer, I just meant we’d actually buy some food & some actual asparagus this time.

I have to say there’s something to be said for this grown up stuff… we had ourselves a pretty good time. The crowds weren’t crazy and there were no drunken fights. We had more food than I care to admit & remained sober enough to judge – oops, I mean people watch. Boy oh boy there are some interesting characters out there! But what do you expect when you are attending a Love Boy concert? (Am I the only one who didn’t know who they were??)

Lockford Sausage, Yummo!

BBQ Oysters

You had me at Williams-Sonoma!

So the weekend’s adventure continues with Saturday… didn’t believe me when I said I was going to document the 29th year, well I am, at least for now. I guess I could get bored, busy, or just over it at anytime, but for now the keyboard clicks on…

What more can you ask for when you wake up in San Francisco than a warm, beautiful, slightly breezy day??? Actually, something to take care of the slight hangover I woke up with would be nice… but that’s nothing a diet coke, a little breakfast and some shopping in Union Square can’t take care of!

Ah yes, all the shopping possibilities… where to start? Two words, Williams-Sonoma! And not just any Williams-Sonoma, 4 stories of the ultimate kitchen store! (And we thought the 2 story one in Roseville one was awesome??) Reason #27 of why I adore my man… he finds as much enjoyment in this kitchen store galore as I do – well almost.

So somewhere around the second floor, right after we had finished drooling over our dream set of knives (the Shun Ken Onion 11-Piece Knife Block Set in case you are wondering), we are informed that there will be a guest chef from a local restaurant doing a cooking demo up in the large kitchen on the fourth floor. Sounds like fun… and you didn’t think free entertainment was possible in the big City???

Ever wonder what to do with that pretty blossom that grows on the top of your squash? Don’t throw it away! Just stuff it, batter it & toss it in the deep fryer. I mean come on, what doesn’t taste amazing filled with fresh mozzarella, parmesan & pistou (basically pesto sans pine nuts), then smothered in a perfect tempura batter and fried up to a perfect crispy masterpiece. I was sold even before he dressed it with a lovely balsamic reduction, a bit more of the pistou & a dash of Piment D'Espelette (a fancy Basque spice – similar to a mix of paprika & cayenne).

Ok, by now I’m drooling & kind of wishing we’d chosen a seat a little closer ‘cause they are a little slow passing out the tasting plates. But when they got to us, oh my goodness… PERFECTION! And I never in a million years would have thought I’d enjoy a squash blossom! The best part, he’s going to email me the recipe! Yay! Not only can I make them for my very own, but I’ll post it and you can give it whirl if you feel so inclined.

Oh and my favorite part of the day, the pink striped apron that Chad got for me. It’s beyond adorable! I’ll wear it when I try out the Sprinkles Cupcakes mix I bought!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We interrupt this regular scheduled blogging…

First off I want to begin this blog with a warning. The picture at the end of this blog is not for small children or those with a weak stomach.

Ok, so I was just scanning the internet looking at a few ideas for baby shower cakes. Something cute and whimsical that could be at the shower for a boy or a girl. Cut to a snippet from Friday night’s convo:

Me: So this must be the new “thing” that people are doing, waiting to find out the baby’s sex?
B: No, actually it’s the OLD thing.

I digress… anyways, back to the cake. Looking for cake ideas, something fun, cute and different, like this cute little guy I made last summer. Don’t ya just love rubber duckies, they are too cute!

So imagine my horror when I stumble across this monstrosity of a cake! Oh lordy! I guess I’ve got to give the decorator points for originality???

San Francisco, Orange Fridays, Giants Snuggies & Yummy Drinks!

Day 2 and we’re off to San Francisco! Yay!!! So after a week of rain we are greeted by a beautiful sunny day with even more beautiful weather on the horizon for the weekend! An overnight trip to San Fran is just what the Doctor ordered. So we load ‘em up and move ‘em out and arrive at the Hotel Adagio with more than enough time to grab dinner and a couple of drinks before the game. Or so we thought…minutes after meeting up with Brent & Sash in the hotel bar (well over 2 hours before the game is to start) reports of Snuggie insanity start coming in. People are already swarming the gates of AT&T Park to get their hands on those coveted team logo wearable blankets! But seriously, can you blame them??? Who doesn’t dream of owning a bright orange thin fleece backward robe with their favorite team's logo on it?? I know I’ve had my sights set on having one of my very own since back in December when I fist saw the teaser for the promo giveaways… and then when I found out it was for the April 23rd game – it’s like it was birthday present just for me! So, picture the panic I felt as I heard, “There may not be any left by the time we get there…” Um, change of plans. Finish the drink, quick wardrobe change and zoom off to the park, we’ll eat there.

As we get down there Snuggie Insanity it is! An hour & a half early, we make it as they are bring down the “last case” of Snuggies. But we got them & I am a happy girl. We were offered money for one of ours & people were selling them on the street for $100! Little did everyone know that once inside the park, you could purchase a much nicer quality Snuggie (without the Fanta logo all over it) for $36.

On to the game… we got to see the Giants debut their new Orange Fridays uniforms, which are pretty awesome. We also got to watch as Lincecum struck out eight batters in seven innings. Starting things out right as the Giants beat the Cardinals 4-1. And of course, it wouldn’t a trip to AT&T Park with out standing in a crazy long line to get some super yummy Gilroy Garlic Fries!

Can I also mention how I didn’t have a single alcoholic beverage during the game? What is that??? See, it’s very possible to have loads of fun without drinking! But as we made our way back to the hotel we realized that while it’s kind of late & we could just go to bed, that would be what boring old people would do… Being that we are NOT boring old people, it’s still pretty early & it would be a shame not to make another stop into the Bar Adagio.

Enter Jonathan – no Christopher… ah yes, that's right, his name was going to be John, until his mom realized he was born on Christopher Columbus day and well you get the point. Anyhoo, he was our awesome bartender for the night and he had a strange knowledge of mythical creatures that was almost as good as Chad’s. (pretty sure you’re the only one I know who can score 100% there babe!) While three of us managed to drink our way through the specialty drink menu, sweet mommy to be Sasha sipped on ice water and pretend to not get too annoyed with my endless chatter. Way to be a trooper! We are so sharing a bottle of Morgan (the wine, not the Captain – I can’t hang with the Captain) once baby Sloup is living outside the belly!

Ok, Ok, so I’m rambling… but hello, “Random Musings”, “Cluttered Mind”… if that wasn’t to be expected I don’t know what is!

PS, if you are ever at the Hotel Adagio, try the Gimlet… it really is as good as they claim! (And I don’t even like gin)

Monday, April 26, 2010

I heart Alebrijes

Where to start??? Well the 29th year has certainly started with a bang! It was a very busy weekend with lots to talk about, so I’ll break it up a bit. We begin with Thursday night. Chad & I had dinner with the Rach & Joe at one of my very most favorite restaurants, Alebrijes Mexican Bistro. If you haven’t been there yet you MUST try it! Don’t expect your standard cheese enchilada beans & rice combo plate Mexican restaurant though. Alebrijes kicks it up a notch and puts a gourmet flare on your typical (& not so typical) dishes.

Us ladies started the evening out proper with some rather tasty sangria, and the whole table snacked on the best ever guac. They smash it up right there table side! Rachel gets the Brave Diner Award for the night. She threw caution to the wind and let the chef choose what she would be eating for dinner. When you order “The Chef’s Tour” no one knows what will end up on your plate until the creations come together in the kitchen. You are asked 2 questions, “How do you like your meat cooked?” and “Beans & rice or chipotle mashed potatoes?” Her bravery was rewarded with 3 meals on 1 plate; petite filet mignon with caramelized onions, a shrimp cake topped with a fresh corn salsa, and a blackened salmon with mole sauce. And of course don’t forget the whole pinto beans & cute little pyramid of rice on the side!
I could go on & on with all the delicious food that landed on our table that night (how do you make an awesome chicken burrito even better? Throw in it in the deep fryer – great choice babe!) but I’m starting to drool.

I continue to be impressed with this little hidden gem of a restaurant we have tucked away in a little strip mall here in Lodi. For most it goes unnoticed until someone recommends it. It may be small, but as Rachel pointed out the size is actually pretty perfect. By keeping it small they are able to focus on the amazing food they turn out. The service is great and the owner/executive chef will most likely come out and personally greet you.

Great dinner with great friends and the weekend hadn’t even begun! We still have the Giant’s game, an overnight stay in San Francisco (including me in William-Sonoma heaven!), and the ever so popular Stockton Asparagus festival (who the heck is Lover Boy???). To be continued…

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy (gulp) Birthday to me!

So it’s here, my 29th birthday! 29… dear Lord when the heck did I get so old?!?!? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were 16 & our biggest concern for the day was how we were going to get back on to campus with out getting caught?

Not anymore, now we have real responsibilities, big ones, like bills & wrinkles! But not today, there are no responsibilities on your birthday right? Well, much to my surprise, I spent the first few hours of the morning in tears. Ok, ok for anyone who knows me, tears are not that rare of a thing, but tears on your birthday??? What’s wrong with me!?!?!

By about 10:30, after some wise, funny, kind, and um – “tough love” words from some great people, (oh, and balloons – who doesn’t smile when they get balloons delivered!! Well, not Jen but everyone else.) my frown turned upside down and the tears dried up. One of my favorite pieces of advice was, “turning 29 is much harder than actually turning 30. It’s that anticipation thing that makes it hard.” (The more I think about this one, the more I think it may be true!) Also, “Gosh, stop it! It’s not like you’re dying. You could have cancer. It’s your birthday!!! You’re supposed to be happy!” How’s that for a reality check??

Anyhoo, I’ve been showered with soooo much love and birthday wishes. It’s totally me realize how utterly silly I was being! Turning 28 was scary and it turned out to be a great year! It got me thinking what great things are in store for 29??? Whay don’t we find out together… So, on with the 29 project! 365 of me blogging about lord knows what! I can guarantee there will be a little food, a little fun, and a lot of random musings of a cluttered mind!

Heck, if it works out, maybe I’ll even go for another 365…