Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cooking Healthy???

Since summer is pretty much here we’ve decided it’s time to trim down a little bit. That means working out & eating healthy. Now my typical style of cooking may be called many things… healthy, not really one of them. I’ve attempted “healthy cooking” in the past. Some good, some ok, and some down right ugly. (Not sure I’ll ever live down the tofu Caesar dressing.) I’ve heard rumors of delicious low calorie dinners, I've just had a little trouble making them. So, I got a few new cookbooks last week. A couple of them are from the Cooking Light series of cookbooks, which promises to change my mind about “healthy cooking” forever. (We'll see about that!)

Sunday night I went through them and planed out four nights worth of meals, made my shopping list & did the shopping. Got everything I needed for $70. This is not only four nights of dinners for two, but leftovers for us each to take for lunch the next day! Not too bad when you figure in the money and calories that we wasted on eating lunch out during the work week.

Now, in case you’re interested, I’ll share with you the recipes as I go. I’ll even try to remember to snap a picture of the finished product.

To be continued...

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