Friday, June 4, 2010

Have Your Cake...

So blogging isn’t the only thing I took a hiatus from… I went on a Cake Making hiatus for the last several months.  Last weekend, I dusted off my cake pans, busted out a box of fondant and put my apron back on! I got a request for a graduation cake from a repeat customer.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to take it at first but she certainly laid on enough praise to entice me.

She sent me a copy of the invitation and requested the cake look just like it, with one layer or red velvet & one layer of white cake.
The Invitation

The Cake
There were moments when I remembered why I don’t enjoy cake making & moments when I remembered how much I love it! I spent more money than I actually made (mainly cause I had to replace a most of my supplies), but came to a conclusion about my cake making future…

I am not the girl to go to for a cheap cake.  If I’m going to spend 6-8+ hours of my weekend making you one of my creations, it’s going to be because you really want it & are willing to pay for it.  Also, cakes don’t have to consume my EVERY weekend… I can be selective about when I make one.  I can still have a life outside of cake!  I got burned out by doing freebies and would like to find a nice balance, because when all is said and done I do enjoy creating awesome cakes.


  1. Looks great!!! You really have talent!

  2. I loooove it! You are an amazing cake baker/maker!