Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We interrupt this regular scheduled blogging…

First off I want to begin this blog with a warning. The picture at the end of this blog is not for small children or those with a weak stomach.

Ok, so I was just scanning the internet looking at a few ideas for baby shower cakes. Something cute and whimsical that could be at the shower for a boy or a girl. Cut to a snippet from Friday night’s convo:

Me: So this must be the new “thing” that people are doing, waiting to find out the baby’s sex?
B: No, actually it’s the OLD thing.

I digress… anyways, back to the cake. Looking for cake ideas, something fun, cute and different, like this cute little guy I made last summer. Don’t ya just love rubber duckies, they are too cute!

So imagine my horror when I stumble across this monstrosity of a cake! Oh lordy! I guess I’ve got to give the decorator points for originality???


  1. This may have ruined cake for me forever!

  2. I think that B is my B in that conversation :) Muah. Any cake you make will be cute!

  3. Just as long as I don't make a "Push Sasha, Push!" cake, right? ;)