Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy (gulp) Birthday to me!

So it’s here, my 29th birthday! 29… dear Lord when the heck did I get so old?!?!? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were 16 & our biggest concern for the day was how we were going to get back on to campus with out getting caught?

Not anymore, now we have real responsibilities, big ones, like bills & wrinkles! But not today, there are no responsibilities on your birthday right? Well, much to my surprise, I spent the first few hours of the morning in tears. Ok, ok for anyone who knows me, tears are not that rare of a thing, but tears on your birthday??? What’s wrong with me!?!?!

By about 10:30, after some wise, funny, kind, and um – “tough love” words from some great people, (oh, and balloons – who doesn’t smile when they get balloons delivered!! Well, not Jen but everyone else.) my frown turned upside down and the tears dried up. One of my favorite pieces of advice was, “turning 29 is much harder than actually turning 30. It’s that anticipation thing that makes it hard.” (The more I think about this one, the more I think it may be true!) Also, “Gosh, stop it! It’s not like you’re dying. You could have cancer. It’s your birthday!!! You’re supposed to be happy!” How’s that for a reality check??

Anyhoo, I’ve been showered with soooo much love and birthday wishes. It’s totally me realize how utterly silly I was being! Turning 28 was scary and it turned out to be a great year! It got me thinking what great things are in store for 29??? Whay don’t we find out together… So, on with the 29 project! 365 of me blogging about lord knows what! I can guarantee there will be a little food, a little fun, and a lot of random musings of a cluttered mind!

Heck, if it works out, maybe I’ll even go for another 365…


  1. So, you totally made me laugh with the sneaking back on campus part!!!!!!!!! I agree with the whole 29 being harder than the 30. I am so freaked out about this being my last year in the 20's! 30? Really? Do I even look like a 30 year old? I'm going with NO on that one. And guess what, neither do you. Happy 29th babe, enjoy it!