Monday, April 26, 2010

I heart Alebrijes

Where to start??? Well the 29th year has certainly started with a bang! It was a very busy weekend with lots to talk about, so I’ll break it up a bit. We begin with Thursday night. Chad & I had dinner with the Rach & Joe at one of my very most favorite restaurants, Alebrijes Mexican Bistro. If you haven’t been there yet you MUST try it! Don’t expect your standard cheese enchilada beans & rice combo plate Mexican restaurant though. Alebrijes kicks it up a notch and puts a gourmet flare on your typical (& not so typical) dishes.

Us ladies started the evening out proper with some rather tasty sangria, and the whole table snacked on the best ever guac. They smash it up right there table side! Rachel gets the Brave Diner Award for the night. She threw caution to the wind and let the chef choose what she would be eating for dinner. When you order “The Chef’s Tour” no one knows what will end up on your plate until the creations come together in the kitchen. You are asked 2 questions, “How do you like your meat cooked?” and “Beans & rice or chipotle mashed potatoes?” Her bravery was rewarded with 3 meals on 1 plate; petite filet mignon with caramelized onions, a shrimp cake topped with a fresh corn salsa, and a blackened salmon with mole sauce. And of course don’t forget the whole pinto beans & cute little pyramid of rice on the side!
I could go on & on with all the delicious food that landed on our table that night (how do you make an awesome chicken burrito even better? Throw in it in the deep fryer – great choice babe!) but I’m starting to drool.

I continue to be impressed with this little hidden gem of a restaurant we have tucked away in a little strip mall here in Lodi. For most it goes unnoticed until someone recommends it. It may be small, but as Rachel pointed out the size is actually pretty perfect. By keeping it small they are able to focus on the amazing food they turn out. The service is great and the owner/executive chef will most likely come out and personally greet you.

Great dinner with great friends and the weekend hadn’t even begun! We still have the Giant’s game, an overnight stay in San Francisco (including me in William-Sonoma heaven!), and the ever so popular Stockton Asparagus festival (who the heck is Lover Boy???). To be continued…

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  1. I am totally excited to finally try this place out tonight!