Monday, July 19, 2010


OK, so I admit I've been seriously lagging on the blog posts lately!  Don't worry, I've been seriously lagging in the healthy cooking too!  Last nights dinner was fairly healthy, but it was so not blog worthy - read BORING.  I spent the entire day in the kitchen baking.  I did an adorable cake (which I'll blog about later) and then after I delivered it, I came home and out of boredom & to use up leftover frosting I suppose, felt the need to bake another cake and a dozen cupcakes!  Just because... My poor boyfriend he loves it and hates it at the same time.  I'm treading on thin ice here!  If I don't stop with this baking insanity he may kick me to the curb.  (that's a joke)  But in all seriousness, maybe I need some new inspiration.  Healthy cooking inspiration!  Anyone have any ideas?  I absolutely LOVE my Fresh Food Fast cookbook by Cooking Light.  It's what got this ball rolling.  I may need a new book to join it on my shelf.  Any suggestions?  I'm all ears!  Until then, it's back to the the ole standbys... I promise I'll pull out something totally blog worthy this week!

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