Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is it Friday yet??

Ok, Ok so I’m a little behind in my posting, but it’s been a busy week – wait, it’s only Tuesday?? Well why does it feel like Friday? Oh yeah, cause it is kinda… for me at least. HA! Yep the two day work week is my friend this week, because I’m off tomorrow and heading off to the Mini Vacay at Bass Lake. Yahoo! But we’ll talk about that later. Last weekend first…

Ah Mother’s Day…The day to celebrate the number one lady in our lives that made us who we are today. Yes I said it mom, you made me ;)

Anyhoo, Tini & I headed over the mountain to see my AMAZING mommy. We started the weekend out right with a girl’s night. We joined the FABULOUS Miss Karen to check out the newest Mexican restaurant in town. (Don’t worry Alebrijes, I still heart you the most!) And of course no girls night would be complete with out some wine and a good chick flick. (Coco Before Chanel, if you don’t mind subtitles I highly recommend it!)

Saturday Bre and I made our way to the spa when Ally works to get a good majority of the hair ripped out of our bodies. Of all the hair ripped from me that day, the least painful spot was the nostrils… shocking I know! Ever try to pull one of those babies out – YIKES! But something about getting them all ripped out at once, maybe it’s the warm wax, maybe it’s the fact that you are too preoccupied with the popsicle stick hanging out of your nose, but something magic happens & there is no pain. Wish all areas of the body had that same effect!

That night I made my dear mom a tasty dinner, which if I had remembered to charge my camera you’d actually get to see. Oh and I’d be able to show you the pretty cupcakes we bought and a bunch of other things, but yes… I forgot to charge my camera! Argh, bad blogger! Must always be armed with a full battery. I’ll get better, promise!

And poor Bre, despite her better efforts could not get me motivated enough to go out. One of these day’s I will take off the old lady pants and go tear up the town with you again B… Let’s just say I was being older and wiser since I knew that we had an early morning ahead of us. Yeah I’ll go with that.

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