Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Birthday, A Bus & A bunch of Beer!

Can I just say that “Sunday Funday” as it’s so commonly known, is not my friend! Rachel however is… so in honor if her birthday I put the fact that I had to be functioning on Monday aside and took full advantage of $1 beer day at Golden Gate Fields!

Sunday morning, 26 of us loaded up on one very large limo bus and made our way toward the a day of fun and sun. Two ice chests, several beers, many Jello shots, various other beverages, and 24 red velvet cupcakes (made by yours truly), were sure to make for a good time.

*Note: The cupcakes lasted about an hour before someone accidentally sat on them. Oh well, squished cupcakes taste just as good as pretty ones right? Oh yeah! Especially after a day of drinking!

Rachel my friend, I must hand it to you for coming up with a fantastic plan for celebrating your big day in style. We had a blast cashing in our $1 tokens for cold frosty beverages, er… tasty (?) hot dogs (I’ll blame that one on all the Jello shots cause I’m guessing those $1 dogs were NOT all beef!), placing bets, and dancing the day away to some great 80’s tunes! A great time was had by all!

Um, did someone forget to pack the sunscreen???

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