Thursday, February 16, 2012

Party Time: Gender Reveal Party

As soon as I heard that a friend of mine was expecting, I said "oh, when the time comes, you should have a gender reveal party!"  What's a gender revel party you ask?  Well I've seen a few different versions across the Web, but typically it seems to go down like this:  Instead of telling you the sex of your bun in the oven, have the sonogram tech write the results in a sealed envelope. Take said results to your baker and they make a cake that reveals the gender after it is cut into. Gather your family and friends to take part of the surprise.  You can theme it up as much as you like.  Have people wear the color of their gender guess, serve pink & blue themed drinks, pink and blue decor, a betting/guessing board, have guest choose a pink or blue ribbon to wear to represent their guess... the list goes on as far as the imagination.

My contribution to this Gender Reveal party was the cake.  It was so exciting to get to be in on the secret!  Mom and dad to be didn't want to wait it out, so they found out the sex of the baby and made the call to fill me in.  I had everything ready to go since I only needed to know what color filling I'd be making.

The next day I presented them with this cake

Once everyone gathered around and the champagne was passed out it was time to cut in and find out...

Drum roll please...

and it's a....


Super fun party and so great to play a part in the big surprise!

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